Principles of Building a Cognitive Dynamic Model of Simultaneous Interpretation

Author’s name:

Dmitry V. Balaganov


The article looks at the principles of building a cognitive-dynamic model of simultaneous interpretation. The previous models proposed by various researchers incorporate only certain aspects of this very complicated process. The goal of the present article is to study the models of simultaneous interpretation created by both Russian and foreign scholars, to analyze their distinctive features, and to propose the author’s own principles for building a model of simultaneous interpretation based on the cognitive dynamic concept. This research project is all the more valuable for the relatively low interest demonstrated by the scientific community towards the issue of developing a model of simultaneous interpretation, and its results could be profitably used in the practical training of interpreters. Through conducting the review and analysis of relevant literature and identifying the distinctive elements of the process in question, the author comes to the conclusion that most of the existing models are partial in nature and do not depict all aspects of the simultaneous interpretation process. The author attempts at developing a model of simultaneous interpretation which would take into account all the factors that influence the functioning of the cognitive system of simultaneous interpretation. After reviewing and analyzing the current models, the author proposes his own principles of modeling simultaneous interpretation, which include linguistic, temporal, and psychological aspects. It is emphasized that stress levels, which form part of the psychological aspect of the process and fluctuate as simultaneous interpretation goes on, may influence the cognitive mechanisms of the interpreter in different ways.

DOI: 10.47388/2072-3490/lunn2020-49-1-37-51
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Key words simultaneous interpretation; cognitive dynamic model; building principles; stress; cognitive mechanisms.


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